First Look at the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Transition Assistant

With years of helping countless commercial and retail banks, credit unions and financial firms move to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC), we’ve worked hard to become experts in the dos and don’ts of moving over to FSC.

Salesforce co-hosted a session with us (Zennify) during their Industry Summit last week and we highlighted key technical priorities that need to be considered before moving to FSC:

  • How much data should you bring into FSC?
  • Is your org ready for FSC?
  • How do you handle integrations & ISV / 3rd party solutions?
  • What’s the best method to move to FSC?

Introducing the FSC Transition Assistant

We also shared a first look at the new FSC Transition Assistant, built by Zennify. The tool utilizes our in-depth financial services industry knowledge and experience to provide a detailed recommendation of the best path forward and implement those solutions.

After you answer a few questions and provide mappings, the tool provides a detailed report of all the impacted objects and customizations in your org along with a recommended path forward and steps to complete your transition.

The report is available to export as PDF as well as an Excel spreadsheet containing the object, record type, and field mappings. The tool also provides automation capabilities to get FSC installed and help migrate existing customizations.

We spoke with a CRM lead at Safe Credit Union, a Zennify customer, that recently used the tool as they plan their move to FSC.

“What really surprised and delighted me about the FSC Transition Assistant is how easy it made my focus. It really gives me an artifact that I can approach my leadership with to say this is my plan, this is why, and you can see all the information that has led up to this decision, this next logical step in our road map.”

Sara Herrera, M.Ed.

Zennify is Salesforce’s go-to partner for Financial Services Cloud implementations.

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