Salesforce Financial Services Cloud & nCino: Just like PB&J

The average company today uses over 900 applications, the majority of which aren’t integrated. We find this norm of multiple systems, many of which are not sharing information, common amongst our banking clients.

  • Do you know who your top tier clients are?
  • Are you notified of your client’s compelling events to prompt a cross-sale?
  • Can you easily see the lending lifecycle from Opportunity to Booked loan?

When flexible technologies like Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and nCino, come together, answering “Yes” to the questions above becomes possible.

The Salesforce platform enables agile streamlining of operations and the ability to pivot quickly to meet customer expectations. With Salesforce + nCino built on the same platform, you can manage the complete client lifecycle across different lines of business.

Watch our on-demand webcast to see, in detail, how Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and nCino work seamlessly for:

  • Referral creation
  • Opportunity conversion
  • Loan origination
  • Servicing customers across channels
Looking for customer data and experience to be one smooth flow across your financial institution?

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